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Mineral Gypsum

The offered Organic Soil Conditioner is made available by us in various types and for use in the various commercial and agricultural uses. The soil conditioner may be used to add nutrients to a garden bed. Overly acidic or alkaline soils can be equalized by manipulating the natural chemical content of soil. Soil can be made to be looser or denser, improving or reducing its ability to absorb water. It is very useful and helps in improving the texture of the soil. The offered Organic Soil Conditioner is very useful and has a positive effect on the soil. 

Gypsum granular

Gypsum granular avaliable on 50 kg.bag
Price: 250/Kilograms

Bio Gypsum Granules

Gypsum granular 50 kg.bag
Price: 11000/Kilograms

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